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UN Document Symbols & Series Symbols

ACC/-- & CEB/--

UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB)

  • Chaired by UN Secretary-General
    • 1946-1948: Co-ordination Committee established by E/RES/13 (III) of 21 Sept. 1946
    • 1949-2000: Administrative Committee on Co-ordination (ACC)
      • See E/1076, page 3, for name change
    • 2001-present: UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination 
      • See E/2001/55, paragraph 63, for name change
  • High-level committees, see E/2001/55, paragraphs 59-61 for background information 
    • High-Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP)
    • High-Level Committee on Management (HLCM)
  • Series symbols have included:
    • 1947-1979: Coordination/-- or CO-ORD/--
    • 1979-2000: ACC/--
    • 2001-present: CEB/--
  • Many documents restricted
  • Annual overview report
    • Submitted to Economic and Social Council
    • No distinctive symbol pattern; some issued as Supplement to the Economic and Social Council Official Records (ESCOR)

UN System-wide statistics from CEB

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