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Cameroons under French Administration Trusteeship Documents

UN Photo #167712 : UN Radio Interviews Delegates from France and French Cameroons


The trusteeship agreement between the United Nations and France is found in:

The termination of the agreement is found in:

A/RES/1349 (XIII) of 13 March 1959

French Cameroons became the Republic of Cameroon.


Petitions were issued with the symbol pattern T/PET.5/--

  • T/PET.5/1 (28 Dec. 1948) - T/PET.5/1506 (29 Dec. 1959)
  • T/OBS.5/-- observations on petitions
  • T/COM.5/-- communications

Petitions regarding the Cameroons under both the British and French administrations:

  • issued with the symbol pattern T/PET.4&5/--

Reports of Administering Power

Reports by the French government were transmitted in limited number and not distributed by the United Nations. 

The year covered, document symbol of the letter of transmittal and the session of the Council at which it was considered, are given.

  • 1947: T/219 (4th  & 5th session)
  • 1948: T/368 + Add.1 (4th  & 5th session)
  • 1949: T/788 (9th session)
  • 1950: T/910 (9th session)
  • 1951: T/995 (11th session)
  • 1952: T/1082 + Add.1 (13th session)
  • 1953: T/1137 & T/1154 (15th session)
  • 1954: T/1209 (17th session)
  • 1955: T/1284 & T/1307 (19th session)
  • 1956: T/1351 (21st session)
  • 1957: T/1436 (23rd session)

Reports of Visiting Missions