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UN Documentation: Overview

Meeting Records, in general

Statements made during UN meetings may be issued as documents called meeting records. There are two types of meeting records:

Verbatim record

  • full, first-person account of the meeting
  • symbol includes PV.--

Verbatim Record (S/PV.6826, 30 August 2012)

Verbatim Record (S/PV.6826, 30 August 2012)

Summary record

  • third-person condensed version of the meeting
  • symbol includes SR.--

Summary Record (A/C.4/66/SR.10, 8 Feb. 2012)

Summary record A/C.4/66/Sr.10

Meeting records are not issued for all UN meetings. Principal organs and selected subsidiaries may have either verbatim or summary records, but not both.

If a body is not entitled to meeting record coverage, information about the meetings may be found in:

  • press releases, if issued, and
  • sessional or annual reports.

Press releases are available online. 

The Index to Speeches, both online and in print, provides citation to speeches and full text links when available, for:

  • General Assembly beginning with its 38th session (1983)
  • Security Council beginning with its 19th year (1964) 
  • Economic and Social Council beginning in 1983
  • Trusteeship Council beginning with its 15th special session (1982)

Online Tutorials

How to Read Meeting Records

A brief presentation about the parts of a meeting record and the types of information found within meeting records. A Security Council meeting record is used as the sample document.