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UN Documentation: How to Find UN Documents

Meeting Records & Speeches

Representatives of Member States speak in meetings and these statements may be recorded in meeting records. Meeting records also record the vote, if any, on decisions taken during the course of a meeting.

Depending on the issuing body, meeting records can be issued as

  • summary records, indicated by SR in the UN document symbol,
  • verbatim records, word for word accounts indicated by PV (procès verbaux).

Browse statements by country

If you are looking for statements made in meetings by a particular Member State, you can browse statements by country on UN Member States on the Record. This site provides links to statements made in the

  • General Assembly General Debate,
  • General Assembly and its Main Committees,
  • Security Council,
  • Economic and Social Council.

Find Statements by Country and Keywords

You can also search for statements by a particular Member State, using the Digital Library. The Index to Speeches includes statements to all the bodies mentioned above as well as the Trusteeship Council. Make sure to use the official UN name for the Member State when doing the search.

Find Statements by Speaker

You can search for statements by a particular speaker, e.g. Kofi Annan, using the Digital Library.

Find Meeting Records by Topic

You can search for statements on a particular topic, e.g. sports, using the Digital Library.

More Information

Consult the following section of the UN Documentation Research Guide: