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UN Documentation: Overview

United Nations Documentation

The UN Documentation Research Guide presents an overview of selected UN documents, publications, databases and websites.

United Nations documentation reflects the complexity of the UN as an organization. The Regulations for the Control and Limitation of Documentation, ST/AI/189/Add.3/Rev.2, define documents and publications:

"A document is a text submitted to a principal organ or a subsidiary organ of the United Nations for consideration by it, usually in connection with item(s) on its agenda."
"The term 'United Nations publication' refers to any written material which is issued by the United Nations to the general public."

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Documents available online

  • All UN documents from 1993
  • All resolutions of the Principal Organs from 1946
  • All Security Council plenary documents from 1946 in English, French and Spanish
  • All supplements to the General Assembly Official Records (GAOR) from 1946
  • All General Assembly plenary meeting records from 1946 in English, French and Spanish