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Reports of ECOSOC Subsidiaries

ECOSOC has many subsidiary bodies that report to it regularly.

The sessional reports of ECOSOC subsidiaries often have a dual symbol and are usually issued as a supplement to the Economic and Social Council Official Records (ESCOR).

They include information about:

  • membership;
  • dates of meetings;
  • summary of discussions;
  • resolutions and decisions adopted by the body
  • draft resolutions recommended for adoption by ECOSOC and/or the General Assembly.

Information about the documentation of the Functional Commissions has been added to this guide in January 2018.

Meeting Summaries of Subsidiaries

Most ECOSOC subsidiary bodies do not have official meeting records. During the course of their sessions, however, there are often detailed press releases issued for each meeting held. While unofficial in nature, these can offer insight into the meetings.

In addition, prior to a session, a Background Press Release may be issued.

At the end of a session, a Round-up or Summary may be issued.