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Appointment of Trygve Lie


Trygve Lie (Norway) served as the first Secretary-General from 1946-1953. Portrait of former Secretary-General Trygve Lie. UN Photo #UN7757637.

  • Appointmentunnumbered resolution in A/64, p. 2, A/PV.20 of 1 Feb. 1946
  • 1st inaugural speech: A/PV.22 of 2 Feb. 1946
  • Re-appointment: A/RES/492 (V), A/PV.298 of 1 Nov. 1950
  • 2nd inaugural speech: A/PV.299 of 1 Nov. 1950
  • Resignation speech: A/PV.392 of 10 Nov. 1952
  • UN press release biography: [ST/DPI/PRESS/] BIO/SEC/1

Although he resigned in 1952, Trygve Lie continued in office until Dag Hammarskjöld took office in April 1953.