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Appointment of António Guterres

Secretary-General Guterres, UN Photo # 709941

António Guterres (Portugal) currently serves as the ninth Secretary-General, 2017 - present.

Appointment process

  • Portugal nominated Mr. Guterres by a letter of 29 February 2016 (A/70/768 - S/2016/206).
  • The President of the 70th session of the General Assembly distributed the vision statement of Mr. Guterres (PDF).
  • In addition, Mr. Guterres participated in informal dialogues with UN Member States that were webcast.
  • After the appointment of Secretary-General António Guterres, the Permanent Representative of Japan, in his personal capacity, transmitted a summary of the selection process that highlights key events, with a focus on the role of the Security Council in the process (A/71/774–S/2017/93).