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Index to Proceedings

The Index to Proceedings (ITP) is an invaluable series, especially useful for research on matters prior to 1979. It provides citation to the parliamentary documentation of the principal organs.

Each index has two parts:

  1. a subject index to all the documents issued for the body, by agenda item;
  2. an index to speeches delivered.

One index has been issued for each year of the Security Council, and each session of the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and Trusteeship Council.

The ITPs are published for every session of the three major organs (General Assembly, ECOSOC and Security Council).

  • Economic and Social Council
    • First published in 1953, covers the 1st special session and 14th session, 1952
  • General Assembly
    • First published in 1953, covers the 5th regular session, 1950/1951
  • Security Council
    • First published in 1965, covers the 19th year, 1964
  • Trusteeship Council
    • First published in 1953, covers the 11th session, 1952
    • Last published covers the 61st session, 1994

Publication of the indexes lags behind the completion of the sessions of the organs to allow for all documentation to be issued and included.

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