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UN Documentation: Decolonization

Concept of Decolonization

UN Photo # 171153 : Kids swimming in Angola in 1975

The concept of decolonization is not explicitly mentioned in the Charter of the United NationsChapter XI, Declaration regarding Non-Self-Governing Territories, and Chapters XII and XIII regarding Trusteeship, form the basis for the UN's consideration of the topic.

The General Assembly and the Trusteeship Council are the main bodies that consider matters related to self-determination and decolonization. Some cases considered by the International Court of Justice have concerned matters related to decolonization.

The General Assembly's Fourth Committee and the Special Committee on the Situation with regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples are the main subsidiaries of the General Assembly that work on this topic.

UN Charter Provisions Related to Non-Self-Governing Territories and the UN Trusteeship Council

Chapter XI : Articles 73-74 : Declaration Regarding Non-Self-Governing Territories

Chapter XII : Articles 75-85 : International Trusteeship System

Chapter XIII : Articles 86-91 : The Trusteeship Council

  • Article 86 : Composition
  • Articles 87-88 : Functions and Powers
  • Article 89 : Voting
  • Articles 90-91 : Procedure