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Overview of UN Documentation

Overview of the UN Charter

Charter Research Guide

The UN Documentation : Charter of the United Nations Research Guide provides extensive information about the Charter including: 

  • Various sources for the text 
  • Research resources
  • Historical background and drafting history resources
    • Multimedia resources related to the drafting
  • Suggestions on how to approach certain types of Charter research
  • FAQ about the Charter

Beginning Research on Charter Articles

UN Publications

Two UN publications present the activities of the organization as they relate to the Articles of the Charter.


Treaty commentaries are reference books that explain the meaning of the parts of the treaty. There are several commentaries on the UN Charter. In general, the commentaries are organized by article of the Charter and provide a bibliography of selected articles and books, give a brief procedural history of the drafting of the article, and describe how each article has been expressed in the practice of the organization.

FAQ on the Charter