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Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), Drafting History

Nuclear Commission on Human Rights

Atomic Energy Commission of the United Nations  Partial view of the Council table shows: Dr. Eelco N. van Kleffens, the Netherlands; Dr. Oscar Lange, Poland; Andrei A. Gromyko, USSR; Sir Alexander Cadogan, United Kingdom; Bernard M. Baruch, United States; Mr. Lie; Arkady Sobolev, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General in charge of Security Council Affairs, and Dr. Herbert V. Evatt, Australia.  (14 June 1946 Hunter College, New York)

Nuclear Commission on Human Rights
29 April - 21 May 1946
New York

During its first session, the Economic and Social Council established a Preparatory Committee, often referred as “Nuclear Commission”, whose role was to propose terms of reference, term limits, size of membership and member status (government representative or individual) for the new Commission on Human Rights.

At these meetings, the Nuclear Commission studied the Commission on Human Rights and determined that its work should primarily be devoted to submitting proposals, recommendations and reports for an international bill of human rights. The Nuclear Commission also requested the Secretary-General collect all possible information about human rights.

In response, the Division of Human Rights of the UN Secretariat began a comprehensive study of human rights documentation, submitted by various delegations, non-governmental organizations and other inter-governmental bodies. The Nuclear Commission's report, E/38/Rev.1, was submitted to the second session of the Economic and Social Council.


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