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Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), Drafting History

Economic & Social Council - 7th Session

United Nations Committee Discusses Implementation of International Bill of Rights. Soviet representative Alexei P. Pavlov, left, presents to the Drafting Committee of the Human Rights Commission his Government's views on the draft of the International Bill of Human Rights. At right is Dr. Charles Malik of Lebanon. (04 May 1948  United Nations, Lake Success, New York)

Economic and Social Council, 7th session
19 July - 29 August 1948

In its plenary meetings of 25 and 26 August 1948, all Council members made statements on the report of the third session of the Commission on Human Rights (E/800 and Add.1 and Add.2).

Members stressed the importance of the draft Declaration, but also expressed regret that it had not completed the draft Covenant and measures for implementation (E/SR.215 and E/SR.218).

Following discussions, the Council adopted, without vote, Resolution 151(VII) of 26 August 1948, transmitting the draft International Declaration of Human Rights to the General Assembly.


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