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Food Security and Nutrition - A Global Issue

About this Guide

The Food Security and Nutrition Guide provides a platform for available, UN and non-UN resources on Food Security, Nutrition and related topics. 


This guide is intended to provide delegates and UN Secretariat Staff with selected content from both UN and non-UN sources. It references third-party web sites, books and articles. It does not imply the endorsement of the content by the United Nations.

Food - In Images

Fresh Fruits Barcelona Spain - FAO Photo

Muleba, Tanzania - FAO Photo

Fiumicino, Italy Farm visit - FAO Photo

France: Boulogne: Field of soft wheat laid flat because of wind and rain - FAO Photo

Homduras, Gualcince: Farmers control soil erosion - FAO Photo

Lao: Sun dried peppers. - - Emergency Supply of Agricultural Inputs to Flood-affected Farm Households

Morocco: Tineghir - FAO Photo

Swaziland: Vulamehlo Community Gardens

MINUSTAH Peacekeepers Distribute Food to Children - UN Photo/Marco Dormino

Farming on the Outskirts of Juba - UN Photo

WFP Food Drop Operation in Bentiu, South Sudan

Opening of UN Food Garden on Occasion of Nelson Mandela Day - UN Photo

High-Level Event "Pathways to Zero Hunger" - UN Photo

Food Shortages in the Midst of Plenty - UN Photo

Rome, Italy - Soy beans for sale -FAO Photo

Pulses and rice on sale at the Esquilino market in Rome - FAO Photo

Burkina Faso: Bean varieties on sale --(FAO Photo)

Secretary-General Speaks At World Leaders Dinner in Davos - UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

2021 Global Report on Food Crises

This video highlights the 2021 Global Report on Food Crises provides the latest data on food shortage and insecurity across the globe.

Definition - Food Security


The 1974 World Food Summit defined food security as:

... availability at all times of adequate world food supplies of basic foodstuffs to sustain a steady expansion of food consumption and to offset fluctuations in production and prices. (Report of the World Food Conference, Rome 5-16 November 1974. New York)

In chapter 2 of the FAO publication, Trade Reforms and Food Security: conceptualizing the linkages, the definition of the term Food Security is presented as a flexible concept which has evolved over time.

The Committee on World Food Security in document CFS 2012/39/4 has provided further official definition to Food Security and related terms.

For more information on how the definition has evolved, see the FAO publication: Trade Reforms and Food Security: Conceptualizing the Linkages- Chapter 2:2 

The Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard, (FLW) provide  the first-ever set of global definitions and reporting requirements to quantify and report on food loss and waste.