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UN Documentation: International Court of Justice

Permanent Court of International Justice

The Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ) was provided for in the Covenent of the League of Nations.

  • Between 1922 and 1940 the PCIJ dealt with 29 contentious cases between States, and delivered 27 advisory opinions;
  • The ICJ is the successor to the PCIJ; 
  • PCIJ publications have been digitized and are available on ICJ website.

PCIJ publications

  • Series A: Collection of Judgments, 1923-1930
  • Series B: Collection of Advisory Opinions, 1922 - 1930
  • Series AB: Collection of Judgments, Orders and Advisory Opinions
  • Series C: Acts and documents relating to Judgments and Advisory Opinions given by the Court
  • Series D: Acts and Documents concerning the organization of the Court
    • Includes Statute and Rules of the Court
  • Series E: Annual reports
  • Series F: Catalogue of publications