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How to Search the Library Catalogue

How to search the Library catalogue

Basic Search

Searching the Library catalogue is easy: enter your keywords and click the search icon.

screenshot of PrimoVE header


Advanced Search

You can use the Advanced Search to build more complex searches. You can also use the options to limit your research by date, material type, language, or Library.

screenshot of PrimoVE advanced search

How to access the full text of an item

You can find links to the full text of an item by clicking on "Available Online."

screenshot of a brief record in PrimoVE

This will open the detailed view for the resource, where you will find the link(s) to the full text.

screenshot of the detailed view of a record in PrimoVE


Openly accessible resources that are indexed in the Unpaywall database are indicated by a "Get PDF" link in their record. Click this link to instantly access a PDF version of the resource. 

How to find print items in the Library

A book or journal is available in print at the Library if you see the text "Available at."

Click the link for further information. The detailed view shows you the real-time availability in the Library, the call number, and also gives various options such as citation exports, printing, and permalinks.

screenshot of detailed view in Primo VE of a book record

To request and place a book or other print material on hold for you, you must "Sign in" to the catalogue (see How to sign in to your personal Library account and How to renew and request books).

How to refine your results

If you get too many results, you can use the left-side bar to sort your search by relevance or date, author, or title, and you can refine your research  by main type of collections (peer-reviewed articles, electronic collections, print collections, open access), resource type (journals, books, news, etc.), date of publication, subject, language, journal title, collection (databases & providers), Library, or new records.

Refining results

You can select as many options as you want to refine your search results. If you don't see the desired refinement option (i.e. books or a journal title), click on the blue arrow on the right of the facet's name to see the full list of options for each facet.

You can select only one option clicking on the name of the option.

Or you can select several options clicking on the box before the name of the option. When your selection is done, click on Apply Filters.

You can select as many options as you want to include or exclude in your search results.

How to sign in to your personal Library account

In order to loan Library materials, you need a personal Library account. Contact us on AskDAG to request it.

Once you have an account, you are able to log in to the catalogue and see your loans, renew the materials you currently have on loan, and manage all your requests.

There are several places where you are able to sign in.


Signing in from the main page:

  • Click "Sign in" at the top right of the page.

screenshot of PrimoVE header with sign in link highlighted

  • Enter your username/password. If you have a problem accessing your personal account, please contact us on AskDAG.


Signing in from a selected item:

  • Click "Sign in" in the "Please sign in to check if there are any request options" field.

  • Enter your username/password. If you have a problem accessing your personal account, please contact us on AskDAG.

How to renew and request books


Renewing materials on loan:

screenshot of my library account tab in Primo VE

  • Next to each of your loans, you will see the option to click "Renew." If you do not see this option,  please contact us on AskDAG.


Requesting a book or journal issue to be put on hold:

  • A list of available items will appear. Click "Request Loan" for the item you want.

screenshot of PrimoVE catalog with "Request Loan" options for title "Markings"

  • Add any relevant note and click "Send Request"

screenshot of request comment page in the library catalogue

  • Request confirmation.

screenshot of successful request message in library catalogue

  • You can check your requests under your account by clicking your name at the top of the page and selecting "My Requests."


How to save, print and e-mail your results

Creating a temporary list of references using "My Favorites"

By clicking on the pin icon -  - you can add the most important references to your favorites directly from the search results.

Printing or emailing the references in "My Favorites"

  • To print or email the references in your favorites, go to your favorites clicking on the pin icon at the top.

  • Tick the box of the reference(s) you want to print or send and then click on the three dots icon at the top of the list.

  • You can choose to print or email the references, among other functions. 

Saving references to your Library account

You can use your Library account to:

  • save references and access them later
  • consult your search history

To access your personal account, click on "Sign in" (see How to sign in to your personal Library account).

How to expand your results and request content that is not part of the Library's collection

Expanding Search Results

By selecting "Expand My Results" in the results page, you will see content which is either open access content or content that is not part of the library's collection


Requesting content that is not part of the Library's collection

Content that is not part of the Library's collection can be requested through interlibrary loan (ILL). This service can be used by Member states' Permanent Missions staff and delegates as well as UN Headquarters staff

You will know that an item is not part of the Library's collection if you find one of the following mentions:


To request a book or an article as interlibrary loan:

  • Click on "ILL REQUEST". If you do not see this option, contact us on AskDAG.

  • Next click on "REQUEST" at the bottom of the "Resource Information" box. 

  • You will receive the request confirmation.