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Specialized Training Webinars

From time to time, the Library conducts specialized training webinars focusing on particular topics. These trainings focus not just on the Digital Library but on the variety of sources available to researchers in doing UN research. Below you will find videos of past training webinars we have conducted on UN research in general.

Getting Started with UN Research

Getting Started with UN Research: This training session highlights the key resources used to start research on a question related to the UN. The resources highlighted include library products such as our research guides, UN Member States on the Record, and Ask DAG. Other UN resources such as the UN Yearbook and various UN websites are also highlighted, as well as some suggestions on searching for external resources on the UN, all of which you can use as an entry point for your research. Recorded April 2022.

How to Research UN Member States' Position

How to Research UN Member States' Positions: This training demonstrates strategies to search for a UN Member State’s position on a certain topic or event. In particular, it demonstrates how to find statements and voting information using the UN Digital Library. Online resources highlighted include the UN Journal, Meetings Coverage & Press Releases as well as UN Member States on the Record, a website that provides access to information about membership and statements. Recorded November 2021.

Introduction to General Assembly Documentation

Introduction to General Assembly Documentation: This training webinar focuses on General Assembly documentation in particular. The first part of the training session covers the organization of the General Assembly: how agenda items are considered by the six main committees and General Assembly Plenary. The second part of the session covers how you would use the UN Digital Library to do common General Assembly searches: finding all documents related to an agenda item, sponsorship, speeches and voting information on agenda items. Recorded August 2022.

Introduction to UN Legal Research Resources

Introduction to UN Legal Research Resources: This training introduces you to some of the UN legal research resources produced by the Office of Legal Affairs. It includes an overview of the Audiovisual Library of International Law, some sample searches in the treaty databases and highlights various UN legal publications and explains why you might want to use them. Recorded April 2021.

Introduction to Treaty Research

Introduction to Treaty Research: This training webinar focuses on the resources available for researching treaties. The majority of the session is spent on the UN Treaty Website, covering the Multilateral Treaties deposited with the Secretary-General and the UN Treaty Series. The session also covers other UN resources such as the Audiovisual Library of International Law and the UN Diplomatic Conferences website and gives some suggestions for research using resources outside of the UN. Recorded June 2022.