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Research Guides

How to Use the UN Digital Library

Simple Search

Access the Simple search from the Digital Library homepage.

1. On the Digital Library homepage, the Simple Search box appears as below:

DL search box

2. Enter your keywords or the document symbol and click on "Search".

sustainable development

More information on Simple searches can be found in the Help text.

Fulltext Search


It is possible to do full text searching several ways in the Digital Library.



The example below searches for documents that mention Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) on women, peace and security. 


  1. After a simple search for keywords, toggle the Fulltext Search ON 


  1. Alternatively, in the simple search, use the command fulltext:"key words"


  1. Another option: in the advanced search, select fulltext from the dropdown then click the Search button (NOTE: this is not working well) 



More information on Fulltext searching can be found in the Help text.