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Charter of the United Nations (1945) Research Guide

United Nations Open Conference As San Francisco (1945): A documentary


On 25 April 1945, delegates of 50 nations met in San Francisco for the United Nations Conference on International Organization. The delegates drew up the 111-article Charter, which was adopted unanimously on 25 June 1945 in the San Francisco Opera House. The next day, they signed it in the Herbst Theatre auditorium of the Veterans War Memorial Building. The Charter came to force on October 24, when the approved by their congresses or parliaments. Dur: 6:31-- Producer: US Information Agency


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Oral History Project


The UN Oral History is a collection of audio recordings  and transcripts of interviews with eminent persons who were witnesses or participants in various major events in the life of the organization during the period 1945 to 2005.

Interviews were conducted by United Nations staff and Yale University researchers on events surrounding the founding of the Organization, crises and wars of independence of selected Nations, and the First Gulf (Iraq) War and its aftermath.

The collection represents a special and primary source  of information of value to researchers, the press and  the general public on the role of the United Nations during this turbulent time in world affairs.

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Shaping The Future - U.N. Charter Becomes Reality


Leaders of the world welcome and sign the UN Charter


Selected 1945 San Francisco Conference Photos

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