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United Nations Digital Library


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UN Digital Library Facts

Does the Digital Library host digital files?

  • Yes, the Digital Library includes both digital files associated with a record, and citation only records without digital files. 

How often is the Digital Library updated?

  • The Digital Library is updated daily.


The United Nations Digital Library is a one-stop platform for UN stakeholders and researchers, interested in accessing UN information current and historical. It offers easy access to documents, maps, speeches and voting data, as well as open access publications.

What is the scope of the UN Digital Library?

The Digital Library currently contains:

  • UN Documents
    • Multilingual versions of:
      • UN documents (1993-present);
      • UN resolutions (1946-present);
      • Security Council documents (1946-present);
      • General Assembly Supplements (1946-present);
    • Citations (non digital) record for selected documents (1979-present)
    • Older documents are regularly digitized and added to the Digital Library
  • Voting Data
    • General Assembly (1946-present)
    • Security Council (1946-present)
  • Speeches
    • Meeting records of the Principal Organs are available from:
      • General Assembly (1983-present)
      • Security Council (1964-present)
      • Economic and Social Council (1979-present)
      • Historic records are added regularly
  • Selected Economic Commission, Human Rights Bodies, Programs & Funds and other UN entity documentation 
  • UN open access publications in the Library collection
  • UN maps 
  • Citations to materials published in collaboration with the UN