Specialised Training Materials for Formed Police Units

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Specialized Training Materials for Formed Police Units


The Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) has been increasingly deploying Formed Police Units (FPU’s) in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations. Their core tasks are:

  • Protection of United Nations personnel and facilities;
  • Public order management;
  • Supporting police operations that require a formed response and may involve a higher risk (above the general capability of individual United Nations Police);
  • Protection of Civilians.

FPU’s should undertake their duties in accordance with the Policy on Formed Police Units in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (2010), the Guidelines for Formed Police Units on Assignment with Peace Operations and the mission specific Directives on detention, searches and use of force for members of Formed Police Units, as well as adhering to internationally recognized criminal justice standards and human rights norms and standards and upholding the highest levels of democratic principles of policing.

Insurance of appropriate skills and competencies, normally provided or supplemented during pre-deployment training, is a national responsibility. However, based on the identified training gaps and on operational experience this standardized pre-deployment curriculum for FPU shall facilitate the implementation of training standards for those Police Contributing Countries deploying FPUs (currently 21) to UN Peacekeeping Operations.



A temporary training curriculum for pre-deployment training of UN Police (individual) and FPU’s was distributed to all Police Contributing Countries (PCC) in February 2008.

The Specialized Training Material (STM) for UN Police in combination with the Core Peacekeeping Training Material (CPTM), formulate the minimum UN standards for pre-deployment training of UN Police (Individual) and also formulate parts of the minimum UN standards for pre-deployment of FPU’s. This STM builds on the previous temporary training curriculum, on the outcome of various validation workshops, training experience from recent T0T-courses, and current operational needs.

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