Specialised Training Materials (STM) for United Nations Military Units

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For any proposal of update or improvement of this package, or any questions pertaining to the training materials, please contact the project leader

Mr. Rafael Barbieri (barbieri@un.org) or write to peacekeeping-training@un.org.

Any relevant update will be posted and explained on the Peacekeeping Resource Hub website (http://research.un.org/en/peacekeeping-community). Instructors are encouraged to check that site regularly.

Military Riverine Units

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Module 1 provides an overview of the conceptual framework related to UNMRU operating in a UN PKO to support and help contribute towards 
a successful achievement of the Mandate. It also examines the nature and characteristics of UNMRU and their support to forces in UN Missions.

The aim of this module is to familiarize participants with:

  • An overview , concept and employment of UNMRU
  • The nature and characteristics of UNMRU
  • The support relationships and support framework
  • The flexibility and adaptability of UNMRU
  • An understanding of the command relationships 

Military Riverine Units

Learning Objectives

  • Learners will:
  • Describe the roles and characteristics of UNMRU
  • Understand the roles of different types of UNMRU operations
  • Explain the principles of UNMRU support

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