Specialised Training Materials (STM) for United Nations Military Units

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For any proposal of update or improvement of this package, or any questions pertaining to the training materials, please contact the project leader

Mr. Rafael Barbieri (barbieri@un.org) or write to peacekeeping-training@un.org.

Any relevant update will be posted and explained on the Peacekeeping Resource Hub website (http://research.un.org/en/peacekeeping-community). Instructors are encouraged to check that site regularly.

Military Police Units

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The aim of these training materials is to provide troop-contributing countries with a comprehensive training package that combines the Conceptual, Legal, and Operational Frameworks for specific type units. The STMs also mainstream relevant aspects of the Protection of Civilians into frameworks / material. The STMs include small exercises, as well as a larger more comprehensive scenario-based exercise, which can be run at the end of a course to strengthen participants’ understanding how to better operate in a UN Peacekeeping environment. The training packages are designed for application in both pre-deployment and in-mission training.

Target audience

The priority target audience of this STM package are military decision makers, staff officers, and tactical level unit leaders. However, leadership at all levels who supervises, supports and coordinates with the specific unit may benefit from this material. 


Military Police Units

Structure of the training materials

The package is constructed in three modules:

Module 1:              Conceptual Framework

Module 2:              Legal Framework

Module 3:              Operational Framework


  • Annex A:  Power Point Slide Presentations
  • Annex B: Comprehensive Protection of Civilians (CPOC) Specialized Training Materials (STM)
  • Annex C: Learning Activity / Scenario-based Table Top Exercise (TTX) for Military Police Units  
  • Annex D: Training Guidance / Training Model
  • Annex E: References and background material 

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