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UN Military Specialised Training Materials on Child Protection


Deploying Military peacekeepers trained in child rights and child protection has become an increasingly crucial element for UN Peace Operations. They are mandated by the Security Council resolutions on children and armed conflict, which were established to protect children from the effects of conflict. Security Council resolutions 1261 (1999), 1379 (2001), 1460 (2003), 1612 (2005), 2143 (2014), 2225 (2015), and 2427 (2018) specifically call for training of peacekeepers on the protection and rights of children and pre-deployment awareness training on child protection. Accordingly, the training of Military peacekeepers on Child Protection is recognised as a key priority for the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) in its Child Protection Policy.

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Structure of the Materials

The six modules in this Specialised Training Material on Child Protection can be delivered over the duration of three days and are organised as follows:

Module 1: Children in Armed Conflict

Examines the impact of armed conflict on children and identifies the six grave violations that guides UN peacekeeping mandates.

Module 2: Frameworks for Child Protection

Examines the international laws, Security Council resolutions, and Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)-Department of Field Support (DFS)-Department of Political Affairs (DPA) Policy on Child Protection that guide all mission mandates.

Module 3: Interacting with Children

Examines the difference between military child protection activities and civilian child protection activities.

Module 4: Roles and Responsibilities of Peacekeeping Mission Components and External Partners

Identifies the various actors within peacekeeping missions, the role of the civilian child protection advisers and the military child protection officers, and the internal and UN DPKO – Military Specialised Training Materials on Child Protection

external child protection actors that coordinate with the military on issues related to child protection.

Module 5: Military Roles and Tasks on Child Protection Part I

Examines the roles and tasks of military personnel as related to child protection, situational awareness, and child protection considerations in military operations.

Module 6: Military Roles and Tasks on Child Protection Part II

Examines Rules of Engagement as related to child protection, reviews the grave violations peacekeepers are most likely to encounter in the field Mission context, as well as responses and appropriate actions when encountering child soldiers, and engages in scenario discussions.

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