Specialised Training Materials (STM)

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For any proposal of update or improvement of this package, or any questions pertaining to the training materials, please contact the project leader

Mr. Rafael Barbieri (barbieri@un.org) or write to peacekeeping-training@un.org.

Specialised Training Materials on UN CIMIC

The aim of these training materials is to offer Troop-Contributing Countries a ready-to use training package, UN-CIMIC Specialized Training Material (STM), including a set of scenario-based exercises, to help in enhancing integrated planning and better coordination of day-to-day business and challenging situations that require appropriate interaction between civilians and military. ss* This Training package is designed for application in pre-deployment training, but could also serve as background material to be used in an induction or an on-going training in the field if the necessary adaptations are made.

Click below to download the files which are translated in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

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