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Ad Hoc Political Committee, subsequently the Special Political Committee. Merged with Fourth Committee in 48th session (1993).

Meeting records part of GAOR for 3rd and 4th session

  • General Assembly 3rd session, 1st part: meetings 1-28
  • General Assembly 3rd session, 2nd part: meetings 29-54
  • General Assembly 4th session: meetings 1-57

Working documents and some meeting records issued with various symbols

  • 3rd session of the General Assembly: A/AC.24/--
  • 4th session of the General Assembly: A/AC.31/--
  • 5th session of the General Assembly: A/AC.38/--
  • 6th session of the General Assembly: A/AC.53/--
  • 7th session of the General Assembly: A/AC.61/--
  • 8th session of the General Assembly: A/AC.72/--
  • 9th session of the General Assembly: A/AC.76/--
  • 10th session of the General Assembly: A/AC.80/--
  • 11th - 47th sessions of the General Assembly: A/SPC/--
  Horizon records ODS files
A/AC.24/SR.1-54 (complete in UNDL) : 3rd session of GA   complete
A/AC.31/SR. 1-61 (1 record in UNDL): 4th session   46, 55
A/AC.38/SR. 1-82 (19 records in UNDL): 5th session   33,36, 61,62,64,66,68-81
A/AC.53/SR. 1-58 (58 records in UNDL): 6th session   complete
A/AC.61/SR. 1-50 (52 records in UNDL): 7th session   complete
A/AC.72/SR.1-43 (43 records in UNDL): 8th session   complete
A/AC.76/SR.1-55 (55 records in UNDL): 9th session   complete
A/AC.80/SR.1-34 (35 records in UNDL): 10th session   complete
A/SPC/SR.1-41 : 11th session   complete
A/SPC/SR.42-63 : 12th session   complete

Add. A/AC.87/? No documents found in the UNDL