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DAG Repository

How to Access Dag Digital Repository?

To access DAG Repository, use the following address:

What is Dag Digital Repository?

DAG repository is a repository of digital materials published by the United Nations. It is designed to be an easy-to-use interface to current and historical UN documents. It provides a safe environment to host and preserve the United Nations institutional memory.

  • UN official documents of the main policy-making bodies,
  • UN publications,
  • UN maps,
  • UN Archival collections,
  • UN Multimedia collections.

DAG repository is under development. Collections and features will be progressively added.


Current scope

  • UN Security Council official documents (2000-2014)

Future collections to be included

  • Full collections of UN Security Council documents ,
  • UN Publications related to the Security Council,
  • Voting records of the main UN organs,
  • General Assembly and other major policy-making official documents,
  • UN Secretary-General records (in collaboration with ARMS)


Current features

Search & Discovery

  • Faceted search with the possibility to refine results by body, type of content (i.e. resolutions)
  • Links between related items:
    • links between resolutions, draft resolutions, meeting records,
    • links between documents on a specific agenda item,
    • etc.
  • Mobile friendly search interface.


  • RSS feeds
  • E-mail alerts

Future Development

  • Relevancy search optimization
  • Improved multilingual search
  • Online deposit of content
  • Metadata export
  • Easy-citation in bibliographic management software (Zotero, EndNote, etc.)
  • Ability to export specific collections to websites and to search a particular set of documents via API