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DPKO and DFS Evaluation Capacity

The DPKO/DFS evaluation capacity located in DPET provides both Departments with a comprehensive assessment and internal evaluation mechanism to assist in the effective management of field missions including strengthening operational effectiveness and accountability. 

The Evaluation Team conducts evaluations both at Headquarters and in UN field missions.

  • Headquarters

At Headquarters, DPET evaluations assess the performance and intended and achieved results of DPKO and DFS and the respective sub-programmes. The findings support policy-making, enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Departments' capacities to meet the tasks required to support field operations, and strengthen DPKO and DFS capacities for current and future planning.

  • Field Missions

In the field, evaluations of field missions examine and assess the ability of missions to effectively implement Security Council mandates and to manage and administer their resources in accordance with United Nations policies. The primary purpose of field mission evaluations is to strengthen the ability of DPKO, DFS and missions to accumulate and utilize experience, thus enhancing peacekeeping operations.

Conduct of Evaluations

In ensuring involvement of stakeholders and utilizing in-house expertise within the Departments, evaluations are usually conducted by an integrated team comprised of staff from the Evaluation Team and specialists from both DPKO and DFS. Depending on the scope of the evaluation, external consultants may also be utilized, as well as specialists from other departments in the Secretariat including the Department of Safety and Security and the Department of Political Affairs.

Use of Evaluations

The results and follow-up of evaluation inform the management, policy development, resource utilization and training activities of both Departments, strengthen the ability of Headquarters to provide strategic guidance to mission leadership based on comprehensive assessments of mission performance, and allow for improved feedback on operational issues to Troop and Police Contributing Countries, Member States and legislative bodies. Evaluations can also provide evidence of DPKO-DFS achievements in relation to the utilization of the Departments' resources, and provide managers and staff with an opportunity to review processes and identify improvements.

The work of the Evaluation Team is guided by the principles of transparency, independence, consultation, and relevance. A member of the United Nations Evaluation Group, the Evaluation Team also works in close partnership with the Inspection and Evaluation Division of the Office of Internal Oversight Services as well as the Peacekeeping Strategic Partnership Office of DPKO. 

External Consultancy

The Evaluation Team regularly seeks expertise from external consultants to provide professional technical support during the conduct of its evaluations. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit a copy of their curriculum vitae with detailed profile and background information by email to


For further information, please contact Ms. Kym Taylor, Chief of the Evaluation Team:

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