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Organisational Learning Cycle


Mission-Specific Induction Courses

  • UN Core Values and Competencies
  • UN Mission Structure
  • HIV and AIDS in Peacekeeping
  • UN Aviation Safety Awareness
  • Landmines and Explosives Remnants of War
  • Integrating Gender into Peacekeeping Operations

The six courses are accessible to all staff via INSPIRA > "Main Menu" > "Self Service" > "Learning" > "My Learning" > “Browse Catalog" > “Working for the UN" > “Induction Training".

UN Peacekeeping Operations: An Introduction

3-4 hour self-paced course to introduce newly appointed personnel to UN peacekeeping operations. It provides a basic understanding of the evolution of peacekeeping, its composition, decision making bodies and mandates.

United Nations Police Gender Toolkit

Eleven lessons in a self-paced course to train United Nations Police officers and host State police officers how to mainstream gender in police activities, develop gender equality documents and prevent and investigate sexual and gender-based violence. If you are interested in enrolling in the online e-learning course, please contact please contact Mr. Stefan Schwarz at or Ms. Lea Biason at

OHRM Programmes Available for UN Field Staff

For all inquiries on the scheduling, deployment, and delivery of the following Secretariat courses on field missions, please email at or

We look forward to supporting you towards the enhanced delivery of training for mission staff and other personnel.

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About Peacekeeping Resource Hub

In partnership with the United Nations Department of Public Information and the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library, the United Nations Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support (DPKO and DFS) are pleased to introduce the newly re-designed Peacekeeping Resource Hub.  This website is designed to serve as the primary resource for Member States, Peacekeeping Training Institutes, and the UN's partners on peacekeeping-related issues.

It serves as a repository for all official DPKO and DFS training and guidance materials, and provides links to other related UN documents and resources.  It also offers links to real-time news and updates in the United Nations peacekeeping world.

The Peacekeeping Resource Hub also provides access to communities of practice, a platform where peacekeeping practitioners and Member States can share and exchange information and ideas about the latest peacekeeping issues as well as collaborate on training and guidance materials.

DPKO-DFS joint Message to Staff on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix and Under-Secretary-General for Field Support, Mr. Atul Khare, talk to us about sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel. Ending sexual exploitation and abuse is an uphill battle, fought every day in Headquarters, in Missions and in our field offices.
Through this message, they share their determination to bring justice to victims and seek our renewed commitment towards ending this form of abuse.

Download the DPKO-DFS joint message to peacekeeping staff on sexual exploitation and abuse. This message is intended for use in internal training and outreach activities such as Town Halls, pre-deployment training or induction courses: (EN) (FR)

What's New

The revised DPKO-DFS Comprehensive Protection of Civilians Training Materials (CPOC) for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations are now available for downloading.   

The revised DPKO-DFS Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTM 2017) for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations are now available for downloading.   

The UN Police Gender Toolkit: Instructor's Notes and PowerPoint Presentations are now available 

Specialized Training Materials on Child Protection for UN Peacekeepers, UN CIMIC, and Staff Officers in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic translations

United Nations Peacekeeping Missions Military Signals Unit Manual

United Nations Force Headquarters Handbook is now available in French

Protection of Civilians: Implementing Guidelines for Military Components of United Nations Peacekeeping Missions

is now available in six official UN languages

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Latest Training Material

  Please click here to download the revised version of the DPKO-DFS Comprehensive Protection of Civilian (CPOC) Training Materials for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations




Please click here to download the revised version of the DPKO-DFS Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTM 2017) for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations



  e-GuidePlease click here to download the latest e-Guide to the United Nations Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support :

A Resource for New Staff at Headquarters 

We are pleased to inform you that ITS has uploaded the Specialized Training Materials (STM) on Child Protection for UN Peacekeepers, UN CIMIC, and Staff Officers, which are translated in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Please click on the language below to read or download the materials.

Combating Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

--------- Sexual Exploitation and Abuse --------- ‘No Excuse’ pocket cards

The ‘No Excuse’ cards include a concise and portable statement of the UN rules and prohibitions related to sexual exploitation and abuse, and contact details - to be provided by the missions and duty stations - for reporting allegations. These are to be distributed to all deployed UN personnel, affiliated staff, implementing partners and contractors.

'No Excuse' flyer

(EN) (FR) (ES) (CH) (AR) (RU)

'No Excuse' pocket cards (2 pages)
(EN) (FR) (ES) (CH) (AR) (RU)

'No Excuse' pocket cards (4 pages)
(EN) (FR) (ES) (CH) (AR) (RU)

'No Excuse' InDesign set 
(EN) (FR) (ES) (CH) (AR) (RU)

Download Policy and Guidance Material

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Are you looking for field mission engineering & technical information?

Please address requests for access at

To access: ESDC Engineering Standardization and Design Centre Database

The ENGINEERING DATABASE serves as the centralized location where engineers in field missions can easily access all kind of engineering reference data such as design packages including drawings, scopes of work, bills of quantities, technical specifications, SOPs, guidelines, etc. as well as useful planning tools and templates which will facilitate quick and efficient implementation of design and construction works in the field. 

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