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United Nations Staff Officers Specialised Training Materials for Peacekeeping Operations


The aim of this Specialised Training Material for Military Staff Officers is to support the pre-deployment training efforts of Troop Contributing Countries by providing UN DPKO/DFS training standards to ensure a common military approach to work at Force and Sector levels in UN peacekeeping missions.

Target audience

This STM targets all military personnel selected by Member States to be deployed as Military Staff Officers in UN peacekeeping operations. Military Staff Officers are required to have at least completed their national basic military staff course.

Training Objectives

The training objectives of the STM for Military Staff Officers are to generally prepare the participants for duties in a peacekeeping operation so they can:

• Contribute efficiently to implement military aspects of UN peacekeeping mandates in accordance with DPKO/DFS principles and guidelines including the Force Headquarters (FHQ) handbook;

• Perform their military functions in an effective, professional and integrated manner; and

• Demonstrate the core values and competencies of the United Nations.

Structure of the training materials

The package is constructed in three modules:

Module 1: Structural Framework

Unit 1:    UN Secretariat Structure

Unit 2:    Mission HQ Structure and Functioning

Unit 3:    Integrated Assessment and Planning

Module 2:  Legal Framework

Unit 1:    International Law
Unit 2:    UN Legal and Policy Framework
Unit 3:    Mission Specific Legal Framework

Module 3:  Operational Framework

Unit 1:    Military Planning Process
Unit 2:    Peacekeeping Intelligence
Unit 3:    Mission Support
Unit 4:    Crisis Management

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