---Specialised Training Materials

Specialised Training Materials on Protection of Civilians and Prevention and Response to conflict-related Sexual Violence - Operational Level

The pre-deployment training modules on POC and conflict related sexual violence are designed to improve the overall coherence and effectiveness of POC activities by: - Establishing a common understanding of what “protection” means in the context of UN peacekeeping, as distinct from other, non-peacekeeping protection functions and actors; - Clarifying UN institutional standards and expectations with regards to protection planning and the execution of protection activities; - Clarifying the different roles and responsibilities of all protection actors – civilian, police and military – within a UN peacekeeping operation, and how the work of each actor relates and contributes to the overarching POC objectives; - Supporting more effective protection planning by improving awareness of protection threats and civilian vulnerabilities, and by giving peacekeepers explanations of what has worked, and what has not. - Providing an understanding of the challenges and dilemmas facing military and civilian decision-makers in the field, as well as best practices aimed at preventing or responding to sexual violence.

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